Peace Centre South Africa

The Peace Centre is a non-profit organisation, a charity. NPO No 011-790, and PBO MA/002/01/21/05. This allows South African donations to be offset against tax. It operates under its own Constitution and with a volunteer Board elected annually.


The Peace Centre began life in 1987−apartheids darkest days−as a project of the Cape Town Quaker Community. It played a significant role in working toward a just, equitable and peaceful society. Since 2008, it has been an independent NGO operating from its Mowbray headquarters.

The Centre gradually reduced in size until by 2015 it only had a staff of 6, These were doing excellent work in schools but with only slight impact on the communities.


After a funding crisis in 2016 the Board decided that the Peace Centre should re-invent itself and put sustained effort into communities most affected by violence, concentrating there on support and capacity building. In this the Centre should collaborate with other organisations and networks who are also working for peace and against corruption.

Salaried staff to be kept to a minimum and locally recruited. Specialist contractors or volunteers to be brought in as needed.

In April 2018 the Quaker Peace Centre opened an office in Khayelitsha (Cape Town’s biggest township, with a population of at least 500,000. The office is situated at 158, Ntlazane Rd in Ilitha Park. In 2018, the Peace Centre dropped ‘Quaker’ from its name.



Board Members

Chair              Michael Williams                  Engineer, consultant

Vice chair      Rommel Roberts                  Social development consultant

Treasurer       John Gardner                       Medical Doctor

Secretary       Melikaya Ntshingwa            Head Marquette Uni internship program

Member          Ghalib Galant                       Lawyer and development expert

Member          Bill Sewell                             Organisational and Management expert

Member          Jeremy Routledge               Peace-worker, and NGO director


Director/Project Manager                                       Carol Bower

Administrator                                                            Ongeziwe Badli

IT, Computer Support and Data Base                  Mathunzi Mentjies

Volunteer                                                                      Xolisile Pani


The Peace Centre earns R180,00 a year from property rental but, apart from this, is dependent on payment-for-services and donations.

Current donors

Charities Aid Foundation

Central England Quakers

Quaker Peace and Service Aotearoa NZ

Swiss Quakers Yearly Meeting

Quaker Hulpfonds Nederland

American Friends Service Committee

Catholic Church Berne