Peace Centre South Africa


The Hub at No 158 Ntlazane Road, Ilitha Park, Khayelitsha is the focus of the Peace Centre’s community activity.

It is an information centre. “What to do, where to go”. We recognise that people (especially in the poorest communities) have problems of every kind, lack information and often don’t know how the routes to dealing with their challenges.

The Hub does not offer solutions but guides the applicants to those who can provide them solutions, support or services.

Centrally situated in Khayelitsha, the Hub has a project manager and a staff of four. Their job is to provide support to hub-users and publicise the Hub and its services within the community. All the staff have received training on the Alternative to Violence Project (AVP).

As the Hub was launched in April 2018, a rudimentary but still useful needs analysis was conducted, which asked people living in Khayelitsha what their greatest concerns were. The results confirmed that Peace Centre resources should be aimed at supporting job-seeking and addressing crime and violence.


The Hub has developed a database of all support services in government, in civil society, in business and among Khayelitsha entrepreneurs. With this database is a second−a database of needs and resources available or required by the community. A third records enquiries, who enquired, the problem and, if possible the reported outcome.

Internet- enabled computers are available for training and, for example, job hunting, information gathering and CV preparation.

Associates include a local company Stellietech who offer a basic on-line “how-to-use-a-computer” package. Training programs for typing, basic maths and basic English are also available and freely used.

A Community Advisory Board has been established to provide the Centre with considered views on our approach, its successes and its weaknesses. One member of this CAB sits on the organisation’s Board.

Support to job-seeking and income-generation

The Hub collects information from multiple sources for job opportunities, training, internships, most needed skills etc.

It supports Hub users in accessing information about vacant positions via the internet and assists in developing a CV and application letter. Hub users are also encouraged and assisted to set up an email address.

Support for entrepreneurs is also available, linking people to opportunities for training or employment e.g. the Great Commission Business Forum which is looking for opportunities to provide mentorship, finance and monitoring of suitable candidates.